Awfully Terrible Movies

  • Posted on: 18 October 2020
  • By: RobertMiceli
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Trolls 2? The Emoji Movie? Baby Geniuses?

We can't really appreciate good movies without knowing how bad they can get!
This course is all about watching some of the worst movies of all time and discussing what makes them so terrible. Is it script writing? Acting? Music?

Over the term we will watch some of the worst (and best!) movies ever and you will be assigned a reflection to complete after each viewing. You can suggest movies to watch (as long as they are age appropriate) and as a class we will break down these cinematic train-wrecks. We'll have giggles along the way, but this course isn't all about laughing at these flops. Don't forget, terrible movies are packed full of learning opportunities, some things we'll cover will be:

When is a movie so bad, it's good?
Bad science in good movies
How trailers manipulate us
Is Nicolas Cage a good actor or not?!

In the meantime, start an IMDB account and rate some movies you've seen. What is the worst for you? What is the best?