Bullrush - No bubble wrap here!

  • Posted on: 16 October 2020
  • By: DeanCrawford
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The good old kiwi classic of tackle bullrush! It's not banned, it lives on.

From a student voice - Bullrush rules:

“The person that gets touched or tackled has to call out the next person, or call out bullrush. If they call out bullrush, then everybody gets to go. The person who is touched or tackled has the choice to call out bullrush. A whole group of people go on one side of a field and one or maybe a little more are in the middle. When someone gets called they run and try not to get tackled. If tackled completely to the ground you are also in the middle.”

Spare clothing needed. At Hagley Park. Could be hard ground baked from the hot sun or it could be wet from days of rain. We will do our best to protect clothing but it is bullrush after all. Mouth guards advised but not mandatory.