Learning to love reading and writing!

  • Posted on: 15 October 2020
  • By: BethanyManders
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In this class, like last term, we'll be studying a novel, and learning how to love books. Alongside this, we'll have a go at some cool writing tasks!

Want to be a film director/screenplay writer? Learn how to write a script!
Maybe novels are more your thing... Learn some skills to develop your story writing. Maybe poems! Song lyrics! Fan fiction for your favourite teenage vampire tik tok love stories (actually, maybe not that)! Many possibilities, as well as some fun challenges.

Along with developing our writing skills, and learning to love books more, we'll have lots of awesome discussions. They might be about what we read, they might be about what's happening in the world, about people and why we do things, or all sorts of other cool and interesting tidbits.

This class is a no devices class, and you'll be expected to deposit your device on a table at the start of the lesson. Having some device-free time has worked really well so far this year, and as a class we've all really enjoyed it. Please consider this expectation carefully when making your class selection!