Nature Inquiry - Bonnie's HB T4 2020

  • Posted on: 27 September 2020
  • By: BonnieDalton

In Term 4 my HB will be beginning our Inquiry into 'nature'.
Topics we will explore will include;

The Earth
Flora and Fauna
Mini beasts (Bugs and Insects)
Native NZ plants and animals

And more as passions and interests come through.

We will be heading out for weekly trips to explore all kinds of things related to our topic. The museum, the beach, Botanic Gardens, Bottle Lake Forest, Victoria Park. We will use these trips to bring information back and create class and group projects on 'nature things' that spark interest for us.
We will also use our nature topic to integrate into our reading, writing, art, health and science learning this term.

We will also aim to get outside into nature a couple of times a week for Monday afternoon to practise fast words, reading and to do some maths problem solving activities on Fridays using nature based resources.

We will develop learning intentions as we go based on the childrens interests.

To Do List: 
Come to the nature trips with the HB.
Complete activities based around nature topic.
Work on an independent nature-based project.
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