Writing - Jason Term 2

  • Posted on: 23 April 2015
  • By: JasonEade

Writing for term 2 will focus on building on children's structure knowledge, planning skills, and awareness of audience. A typical week will be structures as follows:


- Share a excellent model of writing from a "expert" writer that features the learning focus.
- Discuss what made that writing great - identify the learning focus and highlight this in the writing
- Model the focus for the students - how do i know I have done this in my writing? (SC)
- Children write


- Refocus on the learning intention for the week - what is it?
- Model for the students a example (or continue above) with a surface feature focus
- Check understanding of learning intention
- Children write

- Refocus learning intention
- Children share their best writing from the past two days and give/receive feedback
- Children write

- Spelling test
- Children write/complete/publish

Learning Area: 
To Do List: 
Model a range of planning strategies to students
Have students apply a planning strategy to most writing activities
Share a range of "expert" models of text and highlight what makes them good
Share writing with the group and give and receive constructive feedback
Develop on the ability to listen to and critique writing
Listen to feedback and respond to this
Model and discuss the structure of stories - fairy tales, recounts, & information reports
Teach sentence structure based around expanding ideas and "wow" words