15.09.10 Wiki 9 - one on 1

  • Posted on: 15 September 2020
  • By: rose.putwain

Literacy - SHARE MY IDEAS MORE as Marlene thinks they can be WONDERFUL!!! DONE!!! Next, Genre poster WAR FILM. Write research, Find posters, Send to Marz to print.

Maths - We are doing STATISTICS now. Easier!!!

History - Almost finished essay on World War 1. Almost done; ONE MORE THING to be DONE BLUE

SDL - Doing pieces of my art. GREEN Finish research; Finish World War 1 ONE MORE THING!!!

Art - Holly wants me to do more artworks that represent ME (use the ideas given by Marz in Literacy class. PURPLE. Its kind-of working.

Holistic's - We are making plant things with tyres - like garden beds. ORANGE. Still doing raised Gardens!!!

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