09.09.20 Week 8 Class Goals

Yellow Literacy BraF - Shakespeare and Comedy - Weren't funny; Didn't learn much
Yellow Literacy New in 3.2 SteH - Just Reading; He is reading and we are comprehending on sheets. - Like it.
Red Maths SteH - Algebra; difficult and on Maths Buddy.

Green SDL - Writing a script that I started in Braden's class. Finished Episode 1 - Jonathan. Marz has to find the Narrative Structure sheet for me. No running title yet.
Blue DRAMA - DIdn't end up in the on THursday due to couldnt come and forgot about Wednesday. Missed class this week due to timetable.

Purple Science LibB - Learning about wiring very interesting; my Granddad know electrician stuff
Orange Dance SarM - Can't be at Showcase and Nana is sick.

PINS Maori - Marz thinks I am an awesome artist. I am creating a dolphin for a Kōwhaiwhai, next step making the proto-types.

1 - Surgeon
2 - Builder; Have built a shed once
3 - Actress
4 - Doctor - GP

Curriculum Levels: