Only Hours Left to Film or Write

  • Posted on: 7 September 2020
  • By: mhu
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As there is only 8 classes of 4.1 left, it equals 12 hours of class time.

FIRSTLY there is a Film competition students can enter:

Secondary and intermediate school students are invited to make or animate a short film of no more than 10 minutes, on the theme of 'Justice'.

Justice can incorporate many things, including traditional tales of right and wrong, crime and punishment, a social justice theme or even injustice, either perceived or real (such as being grounded on a Friday night!). Students are free to interpret their own ideas of justice in their short film.
It could, for example, be as simple as the perceived injustice of school rules or bigger issues such as historic injustices or even the idea of karma.

The scope can be as vast as your imagination.

You are then to make an ad promoting us to the world. The internet is full of inspiration; so inspire us.

SECONDLY, work on the paperwork required for NCEA; advertisements and films people have made, or are completing.

THIRDLY, intensively watch and discuss specific genres of film for future film work.

FINALLY, Writers: IF you need to finish your magazine work; THIS is your time! Come to this class!!!

Assessment Opportunities: