Goal 7/9/2020

Literacy: For Literacy I'm working on a photo shop poster thing on the movie Hunt For The Wilder People. This task will allow me how to edit photos, text, background and how to use layers for my other animating projects, and things. This class is something i enjoy on doing a lot i have been trying to see what else i can do with it at home in my spare time.

Maths: For maths I'm working on algebra and trying to learn on how to expand brackets(what I like to call it, expanding the equation.) This class is something I'm quite into, now that I've got the hang of algebra a bit better, I think it's easy to pass any of the lessons that I get to work on.

PE: For PE we are doing something similar to American Foot-Ball. I think this game is a very active game and difficult to understand, that's why I think that my team should work together a bit more because we have no idea on what we are doing, some are just oblivious to whats happening. I like this class and I think it's fun.

Art: For Art I'm making a cheese cup and bowl out of clay. The next thing i need to do is wait for it to dry in the sun so i can glaze and bis-fire them. I like this class for how we learn and how we make these projects of ours(It's a bit like SDL.)

Holistic: For Holistics we are still looking on how governments are controlling or running the country. I like this class because on howmuch we learn about the parties and the people who run them.

ICT: For ICT I'm making a B-17 flying fortress, at the moment I'm fixing up the wings and about to start on the propellers or engines on the wings. this class is cool because I think it's a bit like an SDL or something like that because you get to work on our own digital protects like making things, coding or making a website

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