Reading for the Future

  • Posted on: 5 September 2020
  • By: KateArmour
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How will we live and work in the future? Will our descendants be pill eating cyborgs or anarchic, organic farmers? We'll consider these questions and more over the next four weeks, looking at possible, probable and preferable futures using the tools of future thinking:

-examining the past and the present;
-looking at trends;
-identifying future drivers (e.g., technology); and
-possible wildcards (e.g., a visit by extra terrestrials or dramatic climate change).

Students will be expected to read and connect to texts during most classes. We'll practise some fundamental reading skills such as: skimming and scanning; taking notes; distilling the key message/s; and forming personal and wider responses to the texts we read. Be prepared for some group discussions. You'll also have time to follow your personal interest in one of the future domains in more depth. For example, future food, transport, energy, education, cities, population...

Monday is our speed writing day, so be prepared to write paragraphs. Thursday remains your supported literacy SDL day, so remember to create or update your goal for this in our shared google doc, and let me know how I can support you, and how you will show your learning for this.