4.1 Level 3 Mathematics

  • Posted on: 3 September 2020
  • By: libbyboyd
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This class is a continuation of classes for students working within Level 3. We will use a range of multiplication and division strategies with whole numbers and decimals. Standard written forms will practiced. Students will be working on moving away from materials to solve problems to imaging using effective strategies to solve problems.
In this class we do a lot of revision as we go, trying to ensure basic understanding and knowledge is gained so students can move up to Level 4 with confidence and well practiced skills.

In 4.1 we will be Problem Solving - revising number knowledge and strategies we have worked on during terms 1 - 3, including volume and area, fractions and decimals, measurement, multiplication and division, addition and subtraction, place value and statistics.

Students will need a Math book (1H5), pencil, rubber, ruler and other stationery, including a glue stick.