03.09.20 One on One Wk7

Yellow English GeoM - Going pretty well, working on two papers for preparation for Externals. Studying a book 'Dracula' Bram Stoker.

Red - SDL - English work

Blue - History SarH - Finishing off perspectives essay and working towards externals.

Green - Drama - Blocking with Alister for THE PASSENGERS; Its going well and I like the script.

Purple - Maths LouW - Working towards Calculus and Algebra externals. I have to pick up a bit.

Orange - Biology MatW - Validity essay is due at the end of the term and I have given him drafts and I am on the right track. Externals are genetic variation and expression. I hope to do well.

How and when will I reflect on my learning? WHEN I PASS :D

Curriculum Levels: