“How’s that?!” - Cricket

  • Posted on: 2 September 2020
  • By: DeanCrawford
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Backyard cricket and hand/eye coordination at its finest.

“How’s that?!” - Cricket

*Focused towards Yr7/8 student ability level*

The game of cricket is a summer staple of New Zealand culture and that of the greater British Empire. I remember the days of playing backyard cricket until 11:00pm at night, making the most of the last of the sun, just making out the ball for batting, bowling and catching. I would make my younger brother cry because I would get him out easily and he could never do the same. I would make lists of the great cricketers of the time and pretend I was them while batting and bowling. Oh, the memories. Let's have some fun.

Our games could be on the field at Hagley Park or inside the gym. We will focus on breaking down the skills of bowling, throwing, catching and batting. We will make our own rules around how or who is batting, bowling, field rotations, etc. Classic kiwi style backyard, traditional team game or nonstop cricket. The Kiwi Cricket Wicket sets and good old fashioned tennis balls will be our equipment of choice.

Context: cricket

Essential Vocabulary: catching, fielding, batting, wicket keeping, bowling

Learning Outcomes:
- I can focus my attention around improving my hand/eye coordination
- I can give encouragement towards other students