Goal 1/9/2020

Literacy: For Literacy we are still working on some film study, we are looking at different film techniques for different scenes. Like it!

Maths: For maths we are doing algebra on Maths Buddy now, we are just doing thing interdependent. I enjoy this way of learning.

PE: For PE we are doing a different version of American football(it's a bit like ripper rugby.) It's fun I just need to get better at catching the ball by watching it.

ART: For art I'M making a cup that looks like it's made out of Swiss cheese it's looking funny, I like it.

Holistic: For holistics we are looking at how parties actually help New Zealand. I like this class It allows me to interact with other people in groups.

ICT: For ICT I'm making a B-17 Flying fortress plane, I'm working on the wings of the plane now. This is a very cool experience to do and work on.

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