week 7 31/08/2020

Yellow -Maths-working towards the measurement Level 1

Red -SDL -working towards all of my Maths assessment; Measurement - need the as-number; Level 1

Blue -Biology-finished one internal and started on another internal assessment
Green -P.E-Working on bio-mechanical principle; DUE Week 9; DRAFT handed in Week 8. Level 1

Purple - Maori - Achieved one of two assessments NEED to resit another Whakarongo/Listening exam. Need MORE study on basic words and sentences. Level 1.

Caramel - Business studies on business plan, done some research on a different New Zealand cookbook; - English-Working, finished film assessment and working on a mock exam for Week 9 Exams. I will have two exams. Level 2 & 1

Key Competencies: 
Curriculum Levels: