Gateway Automotive Workplacement

19 August
Discussed Gateway Automotive Work Placement course
Start with:
Introduction to the Workplace 3 Days - running from 5-7 October
This course allows the students to work in an automotive Dealership to view the different
Departments, see the range of jobs that are being carried out and gain information about them so
they can look at career options. This allows the student to gain knowledge and credits before they
choose their work experience placement. The students will also complete Health & Safety
knowledge assessments and along with a range of practical exercises to help them in their work
Practical Activities
Hoisting and Jacking up vehicles
Identify tyre wear and sizes, the reasons for balancing wheels and on car wheel rotation
Remove and refit a wheel onto a vehicle
Balance a wheel off a vehicle
Tools and vehicle componentry knowledge
Unit Standards:
16113 - Level 2, Credit 2:- DKO of safe working practices in an Automotive Workshop
21679 - Level 2, Credit 2:- DKO interchanging and balancing road wheels in the motor
21722 - Level 2, Credit 2:- Balance wheels off a vehicle in the motor industry
21869 - Level 2, Credit 1:- Remove road wheels in the motor industry

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Curriculum Levels: