Week 5 18/8/2020

Literacy: For literacy I'm still working on the film study on the movie "Hunt For The Wilder People." I have enjoyed this class a lot and i would like to do this again in the future.

Maths: For maths I'm working on algebra. I've got the hang of it and it's easy for me to do now. I would like to find out how to get better at doing the algebra in negative numbers.

Blue PE: for PE still doing European Handball skills and how to cooperate more within a team.

Green Art - Making pots for outdoors and I have glazed it and it will be going into the kiln. Maybe painting it?

Purple ICT - Working on graphic designing a game that I am working with a group - I have got quite far and I am checking others are getting the movements right.

Orange Holistic's MicV - Working on Bastion Point and researching what it was about; What happened and how it was fixed.

SDL in the FUTURE? Looking at animation school in the future.

Curriculum Levels: