04.08.20 Week 3 Work & Goals

Yellow Literacy BetM - Working on Shortfilm study, different angles, for meaning. Need to finish worksheet.
Red Maths - Moved out of Maths Buddy and doing more Banquer and another one. Need to learn more about Algebra - Find & watch 'How to' videos on YouTube.
Blue PE Dean - European Handball. Need to speak more to and with the team.
Green Art HolR - Ceramics. Need to learn to make the right thickness for bowls.
Purple ICT IanH - Working on my animations. Still trying to work out how many frames per-second; in Film 24 frames per second.
Orange Holistics MicV - Looking at Democracy and Politics. I need to research about the other government ways eg. dictatorship, imperialism, communism.... etc.

Curriculum Levels: