2020 Term 3 Sexuality Education Program Year 5

  • Posted on: 28 July 2020
  • By: MelvaGill

These workshops will use the framework provided by the Road to Sexuality, Family Planning program to build an understanding of changes in the human body during puberty. This program will also scaffold understanding about healthy and inclusive relationships that accept diversity.

Achievemnet objectives include:
Personal health and physical development – A
Identify factors that affect personal, physical, social, and emotional growth and develop skills to manage changes.
Identify risks and their causes and describe safe practices to manage these.
Describe how their own feelings, beliefs, and actions, and those of other people, contribute to their personal sense of self-worth.

Relationships with other people – C
Identify and compare ways of establishing relationships and managing changing relationships.
Identify ways in which people discriminate and ways to act responsibly to support themselves and other people.
Identify the pressures that can influence interactions with other people and demonstrate basic assertiveness strategies to manage these.

To Do List: 
Students will participate in the class discussions honestly, reflectively and respectively.
LA Code: