27.07.20 Week 2 Work & Goals

Yellow Maths LouW - Working on measurement and just about finished Education Perfect given to me and should be able to take the assessment in this block;
Red SDL - Reading responses and how to format the responses; Writing Key points down to write in order; another idea Brainstorm Key Points to extend;
Blue English - RobM Looking into format into posters; looking at analysing a poster;
Green English LauB - Finishing info.Literacy and just going back over it;
Purple EFS KatA - Currently doing an assessment at home re: Impact for the Environment DUE IN 2 WEEKS Collecting Data on our Power Bill; 1 WEEK to write a report on how its worked or hasn't and Why;
Orange Business - GeoM Website is done; Recipes done now. Past the halfway point. Finished Business plan/proposal, now doing the extra stuff from cover of the book and actual cookbook recipes. SEND TO MARZ.

Curriculum Levels: