Bonnie HB Writing Plan Term 3 2020

  • Posted on: 23 July 2020
  • By: BonnieDalton

This Term I am covering a range of different genres for writing so children are exposed to a range of types.

We will focus on surface features such as punctuation, spelling and structure and deeper features such as language features and ideas.
Students will also be to learning and improve the skills of independent writing, self-assessment/proofreading and editing.

The genres we will cover in Term 3/4 are; Procedural Writing, Information Reports, Narrative, Descriptive Writing, Explanations and Recounts.

Children will have opportunities to write across a range of other curriculum areas including handwriting, phonics, reading, topic/inquiry and HB time.

Week 1: Recount
Week 2/3: Narrative/Descriptive
Week 4/5: Information Reports
Week 6/7: Letter Writing
Week 8/9: Procedural Writing/Instructional Writing

To Do List: 
Write each day
Self-Assess own writing
LA Code: