Term 3 2020 Literacy Beth HB in Ruru

  • Posted on: 20 July 2020
  • By: BethLove-Smit

In this term the HB will focus on instructional writing followed by explanation writing. This will link to our Dance inquiry this term. E.g. writing steps for a dance, choreographing a dance by writing the steps first, explaining one style is compared to another.

The SLO's include
Organise texts, using simple structures to express ideas.
Uses knowledge of word and sentence order to communicate meaning in simple texts begins to sequence ideas and information,
Uses sentences with variation in beginnings and compound/ complex structure
Use punctuation effectively including paragraphs.

AO’s level 2
Select and use information and processes and strategies with some confidence to form and express ideas.
Show some understanding of how to shape texts for different purposes and audiences.
Use language features including punctuation appropriately showing some understanding of their effects.
Organise texts using a range of structures including compound and complex sentences.

Two groups of students

Hawks- 1a-2p

Amelia 1a
Charlotte 1p
Jasper 2b
Tilly-Rose 1a
Mary 1a
Lilly 2b
Jia 2p
Lucan 2p
Lucy 1a
Arlo 2b
Eve 2b
Joshua 2b

Eagles 2p-3p

Ari 2p
Anna 2a
Bori 3p
Olive 2p
Rhys 2b
Scarlett 2p
Torey 2p
Naia 2p

To Do List: 
Attend workshop and develop skills listed above in SLO's.
LA to make connections to dance to develop ideas to support report writing.
LA Code: