Let's do Something for a Sustainable Future (3.1 )

  • Posted on: 11 June 2020
  • By: KateArmour
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This course continues from Term 2 as you complete your personal actions for a sustainable future.

This is your chance to take action of your choice and earn ncea credits at the same time.

You will:
1) work on your own or in a group to achieve your action;
2) be supported to identify an issue you are interested in;
3) undertake research and/or surveys to develop a plan of action;
4) carry out your action
5) reflect on the extent to which your action contributed to a sustainable future
6) keep a journal
7) write or present a final report

Past actions have included
- electricity conservation at home and at school
-reduction of paper use by staff at school
- education awareness to prevent tourists feeding kea in Arthurs Pass
-composting and waste reduction

Assessment Opportunities: