Trigonometry, Measurement and Statistics

  • Posted on: 11 June 2020
  • By: gregoryoneill
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This course is intended for year 10s aiming to complete Level 1 Maths next year.

We will study Trigonometry, the study of the angles and side lengths of triangles. Trigonometry is a very old mathematics dating back over 5000 years and is still a very important part of maths today in everything from construction to electronics to warfare to space travel.

Please bring a decent calculator a pen and your squared paper exercise book.

We'll use our trigonometry to start doing some measurement finding areas and volumes of previously unknown shapes.

We will plan and conduct investigations using the statistical enquiry cycle:

(1) determining appropriate variables and measures

(2) considering sources of variation

(3) gathering and cleaning data

(4) using multiple displays, and re-categorising data to find patterns, variations, relationships, and trends in multivariate data sets

(5) comparing sample distributions visually, using measures of centre, spread, and proportion

(6) presenting a report of findings."

Online learning is avaliable via our Google Classroom - code: 3obll7g