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  • Posted on: 11 June 2020
  • By: louisewilson
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We will continue with the Algebra topic that we started in 2.2.

It is a big step up on Level 1 so if you haven't done Level 1 Algebra you will find this very hard.
Algebra is needed for the Graphs and Calculus later on in Level 2 and is essential for level 3 Maths, Physics and Chemistry if you intend to do that next year.

A calculator is essential. A scientific calculator is good enough, though a graphics calculator can save you lots of time in solving problems and in exams.
Algebra is assessed in an exam (91261, 4cr) at the end of the year

Please bring a quad maths exercise book such as 1E5 and a pen.

If you need to practise some algebra to catch up for this course - khan academy's Algebra One ( is an excellent set of skills.

Google Classroom Code 2l2tsaw
Tasks will also be assigned on Education Perfect

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