Piwakawaka Term 1 2020 Tools for Learning

  • Posted on: 1 May 2020
  • By: SuzeKeys

Given that many learners in HB Piwakawaka have started school this year and are completely unfamiliar with the tools we use to support our learning, we will use our Tools for Learning sessions to learn how to use Seesaw.

Session 1 - Using Seesaw, taking a photo and posting to student journals.

Session 2 - Adding a voice comment to a photo post.

Session 3 - Making a video post.

Session 4 - Finding and using assigned activities: Label the Parts of a Flower - using the label/typing tool.

Session 5 - Using activities: A Flower Garden - using the drawing tools to draw a picture.

Session 6 - Using activities: Who am I - using the drawing tools to write, add shapes and photos.

Session 7 - Using activities: Order the Numbers (1-10): using the drawing tools to move and order objects. (Week 9: LOCKDOWN)

Session 8 - Week 10: LOCKDOWN - use ALL the skills you have (fortunately learned) to do lots of your learning on Seesaw at home!!

Future session: Making a post using Notes: typing words in Notes.

We will reflect on posts that are made to decide what makes a good post and how to improve the posts we make using Seesaw.

Learning Area: 
To Do List: 
Learn how to sign in to Seesaw using the QR Code
Take photos and videos on Seesaw of the things we do for our learning
Add comments to our posts on Seesaw
Use the drawing tools to complete activities
Remember to use the tick to add our post to our journals
LA Code: