2020 Term 2 Reading Level 2B-2P Melva Tigers and Louise Tigers

  • Posted on: 28 April 2020
  • By: MelvaGill

Due to the change in circumstances with the pandemic the program has been split into two components of reading LA's providing reading content and HB LA's providing literacy content.
With this in mind.

This program at this time will provide a journal story each week with sound, and the same journal story independently to read with a grown-up. I am also still providing a writing activity for each reading to support this learning for students to choose to do.

The aim for this program is still to have reading twice weekly and the SLOs are:
-Modelled: goal: picture prompt, sounding out beginning sounds.
-Guided: goal: Parent to read with and listen to individual reading skills, later supporting writing of ideas from the text.
-Independent activities

Children will be able to transfer the knowledge gained from their reading sessions to their writing. This term's Writing SLOs are:
- Create coherent sentences
- Organize my ideas
- Use punctuation correctly
- Use topic-specific vocab

To Do List: 
Partipate in online workshops
Complete reading and writing activities
LA Code: