EOTC 26/03/2020

  • Posted on: 26 March 2020
  • By: autumn.morgan

Autumn completed 2 seesaw activities today, doing a few maths problems as well as thinking about kindness. She picked her favourite library book (renewed twice and taken out at least 3 times) to read to Floyd. She found her little brother and told him what was going to happen, he shook his head "No Autumn!" hahaha he has heard this story more than once (at least 20 times) so her kindness changed to helping with the dishes after kai.
She is such a willing tiny human, helping out with chores (knowing she earns pocket money for doing these things). Today she cleaned her room, vacuuming and tidying... she also volunteered to clean the new bath Daddy installed, setting up candles and toys for a super snug bathtime environment.
Baking is always on Autumns agenda, planning the creation of peanut butter choc chip cookies. Again her willingness to help create and experience is a gorgeous attribute of hers. Ataahua Autumn! She carefully measured ingredients and of course had to try the dough just in case it was poison. Now our whanau can be assured the cookies are safe for consumption.
Off to the beach again we go, enjoying Tangaroa and all he offers. Autumn found an awesome display of seaweed "Its an Octopus! Look Floyd!" asking to take videos and pictures herself. She drew an area for a sandcastle, helping create it as she asked questions "Why does it look flat all the way out there Sheree? but it's waves up close?" All the tamariki loved chatting about Papatuanuku and her shape, discussing Marama and how the tide works. Floyd relates the tide to the story of Lake Wakatipu and the giant that lies beneath, its beating heart being the rise and fall of the water. Aroha <3
The evening ended with a whanau game of Risk and dance party, Autumn showing her skills with dance and movement - see next post.

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