Home Learning Day

  • Posted on: 23 March 2020
  • By: amber.sheppard

Today I had a home learning day.

We started the morning off by updating the feelings board. I picked the surprised face and word card as I was surprised that we were learning from home today.

We then had story time:

The Sneetches and other stories - By Dr Seuss

We discussed the story and what it meant. The Sneetches who had stars on their bellies thought they were better than the Sneetches who didn't have stars. We talked about what we thought the story meant and how we felt about the story.

We used the Match It Mathematics puzzle cards where we worked on addition and subtraction. Then we used the wooden blocks to work on groups of five and counting in fives and twos.

We worked on phonics from a workbook where we sounded out the letter then said the words that started with that letter.

We read a book together called Muddled Up. We talked about what the book was about and which each page meant in terms of how the story was laid out and what came next in the story with each page.

Morning break.

We copied letters down on our whiteboards and then wrote words that started with that letter, we wrote uppercase and lowercase. We then wrote a full sentence.

We picked a book each and read quietly or if we wanted to we continued writing on our whiteboards.


Out and about:
We rode our bikes to the park and played in the playground and in our hut that we built in the trees.

We had free time where we were allowed to play on the tablets to complete puzzles.

Home time.

Offsite Learning: 
Offsite learning experience