Gateway Hair Dressing Work Experience and Training Programme

12/03/2020 - Application to Zak's of Halswell hair salon for work experience/apprenticeship
HITO hair and beauty industry training organisation program.

17/03/2020 - Interview with Anita Good of Zaks of Halswell Successful. Work Placement to be every Thursday from 9am to 4.30pm approx. Starting on 26 March. HITO schools programme enrolment form completed and sent to Anita on 18/3 for signing.

The following unit standards to be covered in workbooks to be supplied by HITO and verified in work placement:
21940 Demonstrate knowledge of workplace requirements for employment in salon (5 credits)

28025 Demonstrate knowledge of the client journey in a salon (2 credits)

21938 Converse and interact with clients and operators in a salon environment (3 credits)

21937 Assist an operator in a salon environment (4 credits)

9953 Provide client service and care in a hairdressing or barbering salon (4 credits)

28026 Present a personal fashion image for work in a hairdressing salon environment (3 credits)

Curriculum Levels: