Gateway Library Work Experience

20/7 Finally! Successful interview with Te Paea Paringatai

Kaiwhakahaere Ratonga Kiritaki | Manager Customer Services at UC Library.

Brie to start short Gateway library work experience in 2 weeks time. Half a day a week for three weeks.

19/06 Unfortunately Tūranga advise work placement not possible this year. Will be able to meet Sam from Linwood Library on Thursday 25 June at 3.45pm. Suggestion of Ara library placement to follow up.
Finally heard back from Linwood library that Tūranga work experience is going to happen - details to come soon.

Work experience inquiry with librarian at Tūranga - they will come back with interview date/person
Inquiry about Generic Gateway work experience course through ITC
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Unit 9694 v7 Demonstrate & apply knowledge of
communication process theory. (5 credits, level 3)
Unit 27563 v1 Describe teams and team leadership.
Unit 11097 v4 Listen actively to gain information in an
interactive situation. (3 credits, level 3)
Unit 2925 v5 Describe marketing options for
enterprise activities. (8 credits, level 3)
Gateway 1 $175+GST per book (or $100 each unit)
(4 credits, level 3)
Gateway 2 $200+GST per book (11097-$75+GST, 2925
$175+GST per book)

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