Gateway Service IQ Countdown Seeds

5/3 had chat about what Evan wants to do - get a job in a bike shop.
Suggested starting with Gateway Countdown Seeds or Warehouse Red Shirts or similar.

Longer term Bike shop work experience may be possible?

Sent Evan info on this and First Aid course as good things to put on CV

Evan shared his CV with John for comment.

Gateway Customer Service training:

First Aid Course will cover:
Unit Standards 6402, 6401 & 6400 and receive a total of 4 credits

16/3 CV prepared and sent. Interviewed with Kiri McArthur of Service IQ for Countdown Seeds Programme at Countdown Colombo Street in Term 2. Successful interview. Starting on Tuesday 28 April. Let John know if black trousers or black shoes needed before start.

Curriculum Levels: