Gateway Warehouse Red Shirts

Interviewed for Warehouse Red Shirts on 14/2 and accepted - starts Wednesday 19/2 at 8.45.

18/2 Lynska reports doing ok but late by 5min on first day

20/2 Bus timetable sorted out for future Wednesday starts.

Info on drivers licence - Kirsty advises Jarrad pays for licence, Youth AA membership ( to get 3 free lessons) and 20 practice tests for $20. Jarrad keeps receipt and gives them to Jill who will refund,

4/3 Lynska reports that Jarrad is doing well:
Unit Standards covered already:

62 Personal Presentation & Positive Attitude Yes

11968 Legislation Yes

26/5 Lynska from Gateway Red Shirts Service IQ pleased to report that Jarrad is finished!
These level 2 credits completed in February, March, April, May 
US 11971 v7 3 credits
US 62 v9  3credits
US 28301 v3  5 credits
US 9677 v10 3 creditsUS 11968 v9 4 creditsUS 24997 v4 5 credits

11971 Work safe practices Yes

24997 Theft & Fraud Yes

Curriculum Levels: