Visual Language to Static Image

  • Posted on: 1 March 2020
  • By: mhu
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We are going to look at Visual Language. Looking at colours, lines and images that can create language without words while looking at the words we can use to describe things.

We will look at abstract art to think about the abstract language and developing ones own ideas to create a logo. The class will look at signs and symbols to see how a viewer can get meaning from just a picture. This will build to creating and producing posters and logos.

Moving image will be looked at in preparation for 3.2 when looking at meaning in film with just the images.

Objectives in this term:

Students can learn at Level 5 of the Social Studies Curriculum of New Zealand:
Time, Continuity and Change
- How the ideas and actions of individuals and groups that have shaped the lives and experiences of people are viewed through time.

Students will be given a MINI UNITS with topics or issues where students need to complete activities, learn new vocabulary while answering these questions:
- What do I know?
- What do I need to find out?
- How do I do this?
- What have I learned?

Students can learn at Level 4 of the English Curriculum of New Zealand:
- Recognises and understands the connections between oral, written, and visual language;
- Recognises and understands how texts are constructed for a range of purposes, audiences and situations
- Thinks critically about texts with increasing understanding and confidence;
- Uses an increasing vocabulary to make meaning