Green - sculpture

  • Posted on: 1 March 2020
  • By: stevenmustor
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This course is going to be run during class times on Zoom with Holly on Mondays and Wednesday at 1pm.

We are going have a look at how to make some structures from things you have lying around the house. So you need to start collecting materials such as; packaging, cardboard, string, wool, tape...and other stuff that might go in the recycle bin...stones, twigs, eggshells...feathers, buttons, vegetables...just to name a few things you can use for your ready made sculptures.

Each week you are going to get a key word and some instructions and then you will make your interpretation of it. When you are finished you will photograph your work and send it to

Look in your emails on Monday and Wednesday mornings for your Zoom invitation to join us at 1pm online.

You might be surprised just how much fun making sculpture is.