Speaking for the Planet.. .for Knitting, whatever...

  • Posted on: 27 February 2020
  • By: KateArmour
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Using what you learned from the powerful speakers in 2.1, your focus this block is to craft and deliver a speech on a topic you feel passionate about. It may be the planet but it could also be homelessness, poverty, achievement, friendships, animals, knitting, the joys of gaming... Being able to explain your thoughts confidently, clearly and logically to other people is a key life skill. But do not panic! No-one will have to speak in front of the class if they don't want to. We will use a range of techniques to practice speaking from talking to yourself to sharing ideas with a partner or a group and of course, my favourite, debating!

The lessons across the week will be structured as follows:
Monday: writing skills
Tuesday: speech crafting/delivering
Wednesday: speech crafting/delivering
Thursday: your self-directed (but supported) literacy goals

Assessment: craft a speech

Curriculum achievement objective: Integrate sources of information, processes and strategies purposefully and confidently to identify, form and express increasingly sophisticated ideas