2.2 Level 3 Literacy

  • Posted on: 27 February 2020
  • By: libbyboyd
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This course is a continuation of the work begun in Term 1 and in 2.1, where students learn about the links between reading and writing. There will be explicit teaching of how to make a great piece of writing and students will be working on improving spelling and writing and their understanding their needs as readers and writers. Our focus is on writing skills, such as organisation, words and editing.

We will also be reading together and independently to hone our understanding of reading and it's purpose. It is desirable for students to have their own library card as we will again be visiting Tūranga regularly during the Term.

Students will be working independently and collaboratively during these sessions.

This class is aimed at students working within Level 3 literacy and anyone who would like to improve their basic understanding and ability in writing and reading. You will need a writing book, your own writing materials and a glue stick.