Mathematics Chance and Data

  • Posted on: 19 February 2020
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The probabilities of chance and data.
There will be an internal assessment during this time as well as covering the content for the external.

Google Classroom Code: symzub5
This course will aim to give students the best foundation for further study in maths and sciences. We will sit three out of the four externals.
The year plan is:

  • Graphs 4 credits external
  • Linear algebra 3 credits internal
  • Chance and Data 4 credits external
  • Elements of chance 3 credits internal
  • Algebra (MCAT) 4 credits external
  • Geometric Reasoning 4 credits external

Students need to be familiar with:
 the statistical enquiry cycle
 reading and interpreting statistical tables, graphs and associated text
 analysing statistical investigations
 multivariate, bivariate and time series data
 probability concepts.

Assessment Opportunities: