Song Writing Project T1 2020

  • Posted on: 16 February 2020
  • By: BethLove-Smit

Over this term, children will explore lyrics and musical composition. This project will focus heavily on the lyrical side and will teach children to develop the flow and richness of their lyrics. This will be done by studying existing songs and changing the lyrics to write a new song that fits the existing melody. Children have total freedom of the lyrical topics they wish to write about, as long as they are age appropriate.

If children have knowledge of how to create original compositions, they will be free to create these as well. This is not my strength, but I am happy to support this as much as I can!

Curriculum connections-

Ideas: Use language features appropriately, showing some understanding of their effects.
Language features: Select, form, and express ideas on a range of topics.

Developing ideas- Explore ways to represent sound and musical ideas.
Communicating and interpreting- Respond to live and recorded music.

To Do List: 
Come to project workshops
Study existing pieces of music and understand what makes lyrics work well
Rewrite lyrics to an exisiting song
Understand how to match the syllables of words to a melody
Write original lyrics to an instrumental piece
(optional) Compose an original song
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