Purple, Gold & <10 yrs Reading T1 2020

  • Posted on: 16 February 2020
  • By: BethLove-Smit

We are running an integrated literacy program where writing and reading are combined in the same session, 4 times a week. Other curriculum areas will also tie into these sessions to create rich learning experiences.

We will focus on one text a week. The first session will be modelled reading, where the LA reads to the children and models decoding and comprehension strategies. The next session will be shared reading, where the text is big enough for the children to read along with the teacher. Next will be guided reading, where groups will read with the LA. Students will read quietly/silently at their own pace, and we will discreetly signal for each student to raise their volume so we can monitor how they are going. Finally, students will end the week with independent reading, where they apply the strategies they have learned over the week.

At reading levels Purple, Gold and <10, children will work on these decoding strategies:
Sounding out
Read ahead, then return
Picture prompt

Children will look at these types of texts across the term:

To Do List: 
Come to reading workshops
Read every day at home
Join in phonics workshops
Use sounding out to decode
Use picture prompts to decode
Read ahead and return to decode
Use chunking to decode
LA Code: