HB Pukeko (Gina/Mel) Science and Social Science T1 2020

  • Posted on: 16 February 2020
  • By: GinaHarrison

This year on Mondays we will have a floor wide focus on the Sciences and the Arts. Mel and I have decided to start the term off focussing on the Sciences with a whole HB inquiry into NZ Prehistoric and Extinct Animals.
We will be visiting the Museum on Feb 24th to see the exhibition on prehistoric birds.

Our Inquiry will be student driven and so exact activities are yet to be confirmed, however some themes we may look at are:
- Prehistoric birds
- Evolution
- Fossils
- Dinosaurs
- Maps and geography
- Some art around these areas
- How people interacted with these animals if they were alive then (eg Poakai and Moa)
- Myths and legends about these animals

To Do List: 
Attend my workshops and participate actively
Use my core values in my interactions with others
Ask questions to form the inquiry
Complete any tasks associated with the inquiry
LA Code: