T1 2020 Maths stage 5/6/7 Geometry

  • Posted on: 13 February 2020
  • By: KateGriffith

We will be exploring geometric shapes around the city, Creating a 3 dimensional map of the city using the shapes identified shapes and creating walking route maps with the fastest and easiest to get to our favourite destinations around the city.

Week 1: Decide on a route and walk to the destination timing each way(trial a different route there and back). Note the Street names and type of intersection.

Take photos along the way of the building's on each side of the road at each corner/turn.

Identify shapes within the buildings by drawing over them.

Recreate the buildings to scale using measurement and construction materials.

Reconfigure the buildings on the 3D map to show our route.

Repeat with different destination locations.

In groups, go out and test our routes using a photo of our map. Count the steps.