Make Free Kombucha; Do Art; Make a Music Video & so MUCH MORE

  • Posted on: 30 January 2020
  • By: mhu
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Last descriptor seemed to attract only a few SO, to give me something to teach I can do a whole lot of GREAT things; LET's plan it TOGETHER!!!

The following is an IDEA/TEMPLATE which is subject to change as I am a responsive L.A.

Wiki 7. Mon: GET TOGETHER. Decide PLANS
Wed: START PLANS; MEDIA & ANIMATION student set up

Wiki 8. Mon: ART Students Drawing What We See (re:Still Life) - Wed: ART students SDL;
Wed: KOMBUCHA students need to bring a jar & set up their KOMBUCHA start, taught to
bring tea next time.

Wiki 9. Mon: KOMBUCHA students bring ready made tea and material -
Wed: ART Students Lesson etchings around City (re:textures)

Wiki 10 Mon: MEDIA & ANIMATION students time to be checked on; KOMBUCHA SDL; ART SDL
Wed: MEDIA & ANIMATION Trip to YouBee or other MEDIA outlet

Wiki 11 Monday & Wednesday around all three (or more groups)

MEDIA - Film, Print AND Animators, I am still here for you and your work ALWAYS, except when I am teaching another class. All THREE of the following parts have seperate credits!
Part 1 - WRITE - Write an article (or two); Brainstorms & Drafts are a MUST! (3 credits)
Part 2 - PLAN PRESENTATION - Design a page (or 4) for a magazine; Write about your design (3-4 credits)
Part 3 - PRODUCE PRESENTATION - Design is finished; Write a reflection (6 credits)
Part 1 - WRITE - Write a script; Brainstorm, Plan, Craft and Drafts are a MUST! (3 credits)
Part 2 - PRE-PRODUCTION PLAN - Design & Plan to Film; Write about your design; (3-4 credits)
Part 3 - PRODUCE A FILM - Use a design to finish a film; Write a reflection (6 credits)