Mapping Maths

  • Posted on: 30 January 2020
  • By: SteveHunt
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Note: This class is a continuation of the Measurement and Geometry class offered by Steve in 1.1. New students are welcome to join. This block we will still be focusing on mapping skills and the class is designed for students who might reasonably expect to be working at a year 8 or 9 level.

Mapping skills have a variety of uses in everyday life. The ability to use a map to locate a position and to move between positions, are necessary life skills.

We will be exploring our knowledge of mapping skills to developing increased understandings of locations, directions, distances, grid references and transformations. During the investigations part of our learning we will work towards creating a mapping rogain orienteering activity, using QR codes, within the CBD.

In addition we will all sign up to Banqer to develop our financial literacy understanding for one session each week. There will also be a regular focus on times tables. Students will be supplied a 1B4 maths book and will be expected to use this to capture aspects of their learning.

Context: Mapping and ICT.

Essential vocabulary: location, directions, compass, distance, grid, reference, transformation, reflection, rotation, translation and enlargement.