Comicbook and Illustrator's Festival

  • Posted on: 30 January 2020
  • By: braf
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In this course we will plan, and run, a festival celebrating local and international illustrators and artists. The festival will occur in May centred around a visiting author and illustrator, Martin Chatterton. Martin will headline what I am hoping will be one of several workshop/ events that will occur for this year's festival. The festival will also invite other schools to participate, starting with our cluster of Christchurch South; Hagley; and Te Pa. One thing I would like to put out there is that we chose a human rights theme to focus our festival. That will help us provide information to possible presenters who might like to join and offer a workshop. As part of this learning we will focus on Martin Chatterton's 'Winter of the White Bear', and Keiki Nakazawa's 'Barefoot Gen: The Day After', as examples of socially conscious works.

The event will take place at Turanga and also here at Ao Tawhiti. The Turanga librarians are on hand to give us a hand, organising displays and curating a festival-like atmosphere.

You will also have a go at making Zines, do your own drawings, and to take a role in helping to organise this festival.

There is a lot of different learning in running an event like this: design and advertising; communications and information; event managers; lighting and sound; prop and display production teams; general hands. What I hope is that everyone finds a role suited to their learning.

Hopefully this will be a lot of fun.