The Science of Climate Change

  • Posted on: 30 January 2020
  • By: MattiasWieland
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This Level 5 Science class will contain three separate parts:

1. Whole class working on the same topic. We will be doing this for one session each week by exploring one particular question. In Term 1, the questions will all have something to do with climate change. The current questions planned for 1.1 are:

- How much meat should you eat?
- Why is the planet warming up?
- What makes water so weird?
- Which plants and animals lived in New Zealand before humans arrived?

As part of the last question, we will be visiting the new Squawkzilla exhibition at Canterbury Museum.

As part of the third question, we will be doing some work in the science labs.

2. Learning about the Nature of Science. We will be doing this as brief sessions of 10-30min to explore how Science works. In term 1.1 we will be focussing on how scientists go about asking questions. We will also potentially discuss any new developments in Science that are in the news.

3. Carrying out your own scientific research. We will be doing this for the majority of one session each week. You will come up with your own question that relates to something you are interested in and/or curious about. You will then individually or in a small group work on answering that question through finding out what is already known and coming up with experiments/surveys to test existing and find new knowledge. You will be supported by your Learning Advisor in this task and the process will be role-modelled to you in the other classes. You will keep a log of your progress each week and share your learning at the end of the journey in a form that you are comfortable with.