Hikoi 4 Hauora

  • Posted on: 30 January 2020
  • By: braf
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Walk the Otakaro river trail from Brighton to the city and raise money for a charity of our choice that will take place in week 10. The distance will be 9.5 km every week, 10km for those wanting a round number.

You will need to commit to departing school at 12:45 pm to bus to Brighton. Once there we have 1 hr 45 mins to get back to school. The first week we will walk together so everyone knows the route and how to navigate it safely. From then on you can be alone or in pairs, and will time your weekly walk.

The Hikoi 4 a Cause will occur in week 10 and is a 20km walk from Spencer Park to school. In class you will research a charity that you think deserves recognition, and present yours to the class. As a class we will select 1 to support this term and we will seek sponsors.

You will learn about how regular exercise improves fitness, as well as a range of health issues in the community that we need to think about. You will also learn presenting skills, and teamwork to help organise our Charity hikoi.

This course is a full term course but you may opt in or out after 4 weeks if you wish.