Let's get the measure of where we are at....

  • Posted on: 30 January 2020
  • By: KayHayes
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Maths is the only universal language which means we can ALL understand it and use it in our everyday lives. I passionately believe everyone can completely understand the basics of Maths as long as they build on what they already know when trying to learn something new.

My strategy is to start easy (with what we know) and see how far that can take us. For example 5 x 3 = 15 so 6 x 3 is 15 +3 = 18 or 52 x 3 is (5 x 3) x 10 add (2 x 3 ).

Understanding number is vital so we will chat a lot about what makes sense, what could a possible answer be and what do I already know for sure. I fundamentally believe we learn from what we get wrong in Maths more than what went right. This means I will ask students to figure out what went wrong and why and then redo their work. I try hard to build a culture that supports this and I ask all students to be open to failure and to celebrate this as a way to learn more.

This course is a mixture of finding out what number strategies we have and looking at using those skills to solve some measurement activities.

I would like to get an understanding of what students can already do so that I can design future courses. This will mean a couple of small assessments but don't panic this is just so I know what to help you with.