Reading for enrichment and success

  • Posted on: 30 January 2020
  • By: MeganTaylor
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We live in a literacy-rich world, where daily life involves navigating a stream of information and entertainment through reading, viewing and listening. Being able to read and understand language and texts makes the world accessible to us and learning to appreciate and enjoy reading makes our lives richer.

This unit aims to set you up for success in NCEA English by focusing on reading skills. We’ll explore a whole range of bite-sized short texts on a variety of topics, including short stories, poetry, short films, news articles and song lyrics. We’ll develop some useful strategies for approaching and making sense of new texts and for appreciating how they have been crafted.

This course serves as a foundation for the 1.2 course, where you will have the chance to pursue a theme or genre of your choice in more depth, and to build on your learning from this course as you work towards an NCEA English achievement standard.

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