Find Your Favourite Genre

  • Posted on: 30 January 2020
  • By: richardpitts
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This course is targeted towards students who are operating at the higher end of the Level Five curriculum. Some NCEA credits will be offered throughout the year, for those students who are capable and willing to achieve them.

In this block, we will be reading a bunch of books. So many books! We'll read snippets of a range of novels (I'm currently planning ten different novels, which may or may not be too ambitious), and by the end of the block you'll hopefully have a list of some you'd like to continue reading throughout the year.

I reckon most people secretly love reading, but I also reckon most people find it difficult to find good books, and don't want to waste their time on bad ones. So here's me, trying to give you some awesome ones.

Students will need access to a device (one which they know how to use responsibly in class) and it'd be preferable for them to set up a account beforehand (you can just use your school email to do this if you like).